From Desk of Chairman

Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited
Our vision of growth and development, as foresighted by my team

Dear Shareholders, clients, visitors, friends and well-wishers,

Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited is a leading pharmaceutical company in this sector. We have been operating for over many years now, which has allowed us to gain the synergy of experience and trust with our customers. Leading the industry by example, we have set up a holistic manufacturing facility for chemicals and pharmaceuticals and it is our constant endeavour to make our products reach the intended people at the right time, and at the right place. Seeing as we do every year, we are positive about the role that we play in the overall development of this industry and contribution to this nation. We are committed to improve our services and innovate them to such high levels, where our growth prospects are improbable for the common sighted people. We wish to achieve a steady but remarkable growth in what we do and what we offer so that our coming generations can reap the fruits of our toil.

It has been commonly observed in this industry that there are many companies and service providers, who are compelled to run by profits and not by quality. At Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited, we desist from indulging in any such activities and instead, actively vouch for a common and targeted approach towards quality of products.

If we allow even a single defective product to leave the boundary of Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited, we believe that we would be sending out a very wrong message to those who were responsible for the making of such defective products and to those who practice such habits. We will always aim to provide quality, as a mainstream feature of all our products so that we can act as a benchmark in this industry and innovate further growth and development of such practices. We are very proud of our service offering, which allows us to offer high quality Pharmaceutical products at the best and most competitive prices in the industry.

We also feel proud of our presence in this industry, which is slowly taking a global circumference. We have a positive approach towards improving our position and taking our brand to the global level. Our approach towards making this happen is to take our brand to the next level each time we catch an opportunity, as we truly realise the importance of competing in a positive sense.

We also feel proud to declare that Shree Ganesh Remedies Limited is a constant follower of its CSR policies, ensuring that at every step, our actions are guided by our CSR policies, hence creating a sustainable environment for all of us and ensuring that the environment in which we operate, remains away from the harmful impact of pollution creating activities.

We always guide our actions through our vision and mission policies so that we can always make sure that the scope of our activities does not fall beyond anything that we would not wish to do.

Each of our group companies is dedicated to deliver excellence and exceptional performance through their operation. In the coming years, we plan to explore even wider array of opportunities and industries for expanding our operations.

I and my team assure you for our best efforts and hard work to tread towards our missions and vision. I assure you to reach each target we set and to deliver you assurance of trust you have shown in us.